There are women out there who can very easily read the expressions and body language of men, so much so that they can very easily assess whether certain man likes them or not. And then there are you – a woman who won’t know if a man likes you even if he stands in front of you and explicitly states it. You badly want to know how he feels, but you don’t know where to even begin. Quite a conundrum, right? Wrong! What most women don’t know is that reading body language is not that hard. There are always some basic signs that clearly tell you what he thinks about you even on the first date.

First Date Signs He Likes You

So you like him and want things to move forward. But does he feel the same way about you? Read and interpret the following signs, and become a master at deconstructing his emotions!

He gets close physically

If he likes you, he will be sitting or standing close to you. It’s just how it is – physical proximity displays a certain level of comfort that a person feels when in the presence of another. The closer he is to you, the more he likes you. Unless, of course, he’s a jerk who just wants to have a one night stand with you.


He’s being "manly"

If he finds an excuse to show off his biceps, talks about how strong he is or even folds the sleeves of his shirt, don’t be startled. It’s the alpha male inside him that’s trying to show you dominance (not in the bad way). In nature, males generally show dominance to the female when attracted by her, and even though it seems like a regressive practice among humans, it is what it is. Either way, he will find ways to impress you with how "manly" he is.


He maintains eye contact

Where are his eyes looking? Your face or your breasts? If he likes you, he will subconsciously try to make regular eye contact with you.


He’s being nervous

This is one of those first date signs he likes you, displayed by guys who are shy, reserved or generally not very confident about themselves. He’s nervous because he’s overwhelmed by his feelings for you.

This is especially true for a guy you haven’t known for a long time. You should keep an eye out for signs like tapping his feet while sitting, playing with his phone, drinking a lot of water, etc. He does all these to keep his mind allayed.


He looks at you secretly

If you catch him looking at you when you were looking elsewhere, he will be embarrassed, smile sheepishly, blush, pretend to look elsewhere or immediately bring up a new topic of conversation. Also, do not confuse “looking” at you with “staring” at your body. Those are two very different things.


He gets “physical”

And here, we mean brushing up against your hands, back or shoulders. Sometimes accidentally, and other times intentionally. Why does he do that? Well, it’s obviously because he’s attracted to you sexually, and he is making his intentions clear to you. Other activities include holding your hand to examine your bracelet, brushing your hair away from your face and picking off dirt from your jacket.


He genuinely pays attention to you

Among all first date signs he likes you, this one can be read very clearly. First, you should notice the way he’s sitting. If his entire body is facing towards you, it means his attention is focused towards you. Second, he has kept his phone aside or hasn’t looked at it despite it pinging continuously.

When standing, like at a party, he will be facing you and his feet will be facing your feet as well. He looks at you while you speak and his eyes do not wander here and there out of boredom or curiosity.


His facial expressions tell it all

You don’t need us to tell you when he’s bored of you. His eyes will shift, he may yawn once or twice, or he may simply have no expression on his face. However if he likes you, his expressions will be very different. He might look at your lips time and again, indicating that he wants to kiss you. He maintains steady eye contact, smiles and laughs when he’s supposed to, crinkles his eyes when recalling an old memory, and raises his eyebrows when he’s thinking of an answer to your questions.


He touches his hair

And you thought only girls were guilty of this manoeuvre. They aren’t. If he’s running his hand through his hair time and again, it is reason enough to believe he’s interested in you! Why? Because this subconscious act is he preening himself and trying to appear his best to you in order to get your attention.


He focuses on his looks

Here, focus on his appearance. How is he dressed? How is his hair? Does he shave? How does he smell? If he has dressed to the boot, sports a new hair cut, is clean shaved and smells like heaven, you don’t need us to tell you that he's made a special effort to look good for you. In short, he’s dressed to impress you!


His pupils dilate

We all know this one! Eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. And this is one of those first date signs he likes you, which even he cannot control. This is because pupil dilation is not a conscious act – it is an involuntary and uncontrollable physiological response. He wants to see as much of you as he can!


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