When it comes to how to tell if your husband is flirting, the first thing this article is gonna assume is that you’re mature enough to understand when your husband is flirting, and when he’s just being polite. I mean, being suspicious is one thing, but being paranoid? That’s on a whole different level.

So, basically, what I’m trying to say is make sure that you’re not the one creating crazy fantasies in your head because you love torturing yourself. Having said that, do understand that in today’s world, flirting isn’t just relegated to the real world – it can just as easily happen in the online world. And that would still be considered flirting, because after all, there are two human beings with actual emotions involved behind those screens, right?

How to Tell If Your Husband Is Flirting

I’m gonna be honest here – often it can be very difficult to ascertain if your man’s being friendly or flirtatious. It all boils down to two things: 1.Whether or not such “flirting” is out of character for him. 2.How much you trust him as a person.

His eyes can often be found lingering on other women’s bodies

Look, I get it. A pretty woman gets stares from all genders. BUT. There’s a difference between admiring a woman’s beauty, and admiring her body parts. And being his wife, you can tell exactly when your husband is indulging in the former. Again – staring once in a while (though rude and unnecessary) is understandable. But if it happens way too often, be on your guard.


Eye contact

Eye contact is essential when establishing contacts or relationships. Most of us do it subconsciously, while some people do it knowingly in order to further their relationships. So if your husband isn’t exactly the sharpest shed in the tool, but still manages to maintain rock hard eye contact with women, there’s no denying that such action is his brain’s way of signaling to said women that he is interested in them.


Physical contact

Physical contact is understandable if he knows said women from before and actually has some sort of a relationship with them. However, if he’s in the habit of touching the shoulders, elbows or waists of women he’s meeting for the first time, you don’t need us for how to tell if your husband is flirting. You already know he’s crossing a line. Because being open minded is very different from deliberately flirting with members of the opposite sex. Remember – you can be open minded without being all touchy-feely.

However, some men aren’t as aggressive as being physically expressive with women, which is why they:


Invade her personal space

We’re all adults here, and we know about people’s personal spaces, right? So if your husband habitually invades the personal spaces of the women he talks to, even you can’t deny that he’s making a conscious effort to flirt with them in order to make them notice him.



Does he make the effort to look extra good only when he knows he’s invited to places where he knows or anticipates the presence of beautiful women? Does he shave, take extra long showers and become your average metrosexual man before such events, but looks like a hobo when he visits you to your family functions? Well then you already know what he’s up to.


Active over social media

When it comes to how to tell if your husband is flirting, don’t forget his online activities. If he’s present everywhere on the social media pages of women, liking, hearting or commenting on their pictures, then tell him to just hold his horses. There is a difference between admiring someone’s posts, and being all over them. Also keep an eye out for the following point when minding his social media activities:


His behavior changes with the women he talks to

So, he doesn’t have a set formula for behaving with women. I mean, if he spoke to all of them flirtatiously, irrespective of their age or marital status, you’d know that this is just in his nature. However, if he is nice and respectful towards older or committed ladies, and brings out the blazing guns when it comes to younger and/or single ladies, be careful. Not only does he know what he’s doing, but he’s aiming at these flirtations to become more than just “friendly” chats.


He spends way too much time chatting up with them

So much so that you are often left alone in a room full of people that you don’t know. And under no circumstances is such behavior okay.


Look at how the women respond

There are only two ways women respond when approach flirtatiously.

They either flirt back because they’re also interested, or they reject said advances (the method of rejection would depend on the nature of the woman, which would also be influenced by her surroundings).

If it’s the former situation, then both parties are very aware that they’re flirting with each other. If it’s the latter, then one of three outcomes are possible:

1. Your husband notices that the lady in question is uncomfortable, and he backs away.

2. He’s oblivious and he continues flirting.

3. He knows she’s uncomfortable, but goes on flirting with her.

In the first and third scenarios, your husband is very aware of his actions, which means you should immediately take him aside and explain to him how he’s not only behaving inappropriately, but also embarrassing you in front of guests.


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